HR Advice and Employment Standards for Ontario Employers

Do you have questions about the minimum employment standards that are applicable to operating your business in Ontario?

If you're unfamiliar with your obligations, or need advice on HR best practices, it's important to ask for help. Keep Employer Line in your back pocket, whether that be for a quick question or extensive professional advice. We know the rules and regulations that are applicable to local employers.

What do employers need-to-know about employment standards in Ontario?

The laws that govern businesses in Canada differ by province and territory. Become familiar with the laws that are applicable in Ontario - these laws affect your bottom line. Click on the links below for HR and employment standards quick facts, need-to-knows, and legislation updates, or browse our Employer Guides for free resource downloads. Protect your business by ensuring that you're following the right rules and regulations applicable to your business.

Do you have questions about Bill 148 or Bill 47?

Ontario Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, came into effect on January 1 2019. Bill 47 repealed part of Bill 148 Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. This includes changes to minimum wage, vacation pay, sick leave pay, and more. It's important that you make this transition as soon and as smooth as possible.

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Ontario Labour Law

Are you an employer that's concerned about Ontario's labour law changes under Bill 148? We can help you transition your business.

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Bill 148: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act

Questions about Bill 148? Make sure you're prepared for the impact Ontario's new labour laws will have on your business.

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Paid Emergency Leave

Under Bill 148, paid emergency leave (sick leave) entitles employees to 10 days off, with two days leave of absence.

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Work Hours and Scheduling

What are Ontario's working hours and what has changed with Bill 148 when it comes to scheduling? 

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Overtime Pay

Do you know how to calculate overtime pay for employees that have more than one position with your company? We can help you.

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Are you keeping up-to-date with the changes proposed for minimum employment standards in Ontario?

The Ontario government will continue to amend a number of employment and labour laws, all of which affect employers - especially small business owners. Give yourself a peace of mind and have an expert from Peninsula run a full on-site audit, to provide recommendations and guide you through these changes. Call Employer Line at 1(833)247-3650 to ask about your obligations as a business owner. We're here to help you run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible.