What is the Labour Standards Code?

In Nova Scotia, the Labour Standards Code (LSC) sets the minimum employment rules for employers and employees. The LSC is regulated by the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division.

The LSC covers:

  • Guidelines for recruiting workers.
  • Rules for hiring foreign workers.
  • Standards for wages (wage deductions, holiday, vacation, and overtime pay).
  • Leaves.
  • Processes for ending employment.

While employers can offer more than the minimum benefits, they can’t offer less than the minimum set by the Labour Standards Code.

Exceptions to the Labour Standards Code

There are individuals, industries, and businesses which the legislation does not apply to. Some examples of these exclusions include:

  • Federally regulated businesses.
  • Self-employed workers and independent contractors.
  • Unionized employees with access to a grievance process to receive their entitlements under their collective agreement.

The six-month limitation period

Any person who has not received a benefit under the LSC  can contact Labour Standards and file a complaint.

However, the complaint must be submitted within six months of the violation occurring. Otherwise, the Labour Standards Division likely will not be able to take action. For example, if a complaint is submitted a year after the violation occurs, action can only be taken based on the first six months of the violation occurring.

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Discrimination under the Labour Standards Code

The LSC provides guidance for fighting discrimination in the workplace. It is against the law to fire, layoff or discriminate someone if they:

  • Made a complaint.
  • Made an inquiry about their employment rights.
  • Initiated an investigation, inquiry or proceeding under the LSC.
  • Testified in an investigation or hearing under the LSC.

That’s just some of the things considered discrimination under the LSC. If you have any questions or are unsure if you can lay off or fire a worker, call our dedicated experts today.

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