Manitoba’s Changing Workplace: New Labour Law Rules and Regulations

Are you a business owner looking for help with understanding Manitoba’s new labour legislation? Do you know what steps to take to ensure that you meet your obligations as an employer? We can guide you through these changes in your workplace.

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) was introduced in 2013 to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility. The AMA includes two standards addressing accessibility barriers. These are accessible customer service and accessible employment.

By 2018 and 2020, all employers in Manitoba were obligated to comply with the Customer Service Standard Regulation and the workplace emergency response requirements portions of the AMA. For every other requirement, as of May 1, 2022, employers must comply with the new provisions that became law. These include:

  • Return to Work Policies.
  • Accommodation Training Policies.
  • Individualized Accommodation Plan Policies.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it is important that you’re complying with the new legislation. Outlined below are the areas in which compliance under the AMA looks like.

Accommodation Training Policy

All employers must ensure accommodation training is provided to persons within the organization who are responsible for:

  • Recruiting, selecting or training employees.
  • Supervising, managing or coordinating employees.
  • Promoting, redeploying or terminating employees.
  • Developing and implementing the employer’s employment policies and practices.

Large employers, however, must also develop a written accommodation training policy. It should include a summary of the content of the accommodation training and when accommodation training will be provided.

This is just one thing among many you must do to stay compliant. If you need any help with writing a policy or understanding how this legislation impacts you, Employer Line’s experts are here to help.

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